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Seamless integration makes it easy to sell your products and accept multiple payments. Inventory, orders and customer data are automatically updated. SQL Pos covers a wide range of industries- Mini Markets, Book Stores, Hardware Stores, Pharmacies Medical Stores and many more.

Wisoft Solutions assists you in growing and modernizing your retail business by providing a strong yet simple point of sale software in Malaysia that allows you to increase income while keeping excellent customer service standards. Unlike other retail point of sale software in Malaysia, Wisoft Solutions includes everything you need to get started immediately. With a built-in retail inventory management system, our point of sale software Malaysia maintains real-time track of your stock situation. Furthermore, to improve the checkout experience, our point of sale software Malaysia supports numerous payments, such as cash, credit, or gift cards.

POS is an abbreviation for Point Of Sale and it includes hardware, software and peripherals used in electronic payment systems. A POS system software in Malaysia is commonly used to manage the sales, inventory, and payments that make up a business. 

POS system software in Malaysia helps you track all the details of your shop from sales, orders and customer info to payroll, taxes and financial management. It will also help you generate reports for tax time or other purposes. It also allows trading partners to exchange documents as well as perform inventory control.

POS system software in Malaysia can vary from a basic card swiper with a receipt printer to a fully integrated solution including touchscreen displays, scanners, credit card readers and more.

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What are the Advantages of Utilizing a Point of Sale Software System?

There are a few key advantages your business can gain from implementing a Point of Sale software system. For starters, you can eliminate human errors through a POS software system. If your business enters the prices and products manually on a regular basis, there is a high risk of error. This however will not happen with a POS software system as they ensure you will always have the right product Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). An efficient POS system will correct order amounts at any time and make it easier to record and review your data information.

Furthermore, a Point of Sale software system provides more payment options. Besides cash and credit cards, a POS software system enables customers to pay through eWallet, instalments, or even combine different payment methods for one order. With a flexible Point of Sale system, you will be giving your customers various versatile payment options while also giving them a positive impression of your brand.

How Do You Choose a Point of Sale Software?

There are a few important tips to remember when you are choosing a POS (Point of Sale) software system for your business. For starters, you should make sure your POS system has an excellent inventory tracking system. Traditional inventory tracking can be a complex and time-consuming process, but thankfully, most POS systems can make stock management much easier. A good POS software system will do more than just track your inventory, many of today’s POS software systems now provide other features like purchase order creation, re-stock reminders, and stock transfer between locations.

Next, you should consider the features you will need for the software. POS systems are implemented in a wide range of establishments, such as cafés, hair salons, gyms and retail stores. As a retailer, the features that your company requires may differ from those of many other businesses that require a POS software system. As a result, you must ensure that the system you select has the necessary features to ensure the success of your business. Make a list of what you need most from your future POS software system before you start looking, and use this as the basis for your search.

Is any hardware proprietary?

Choosing a POS software vendor that provides proprietary hardware can help you save time while providing smoother functionality. However, if you want to customise your setup, a proprietary solution can be limited because it will only work with equipment from the same company.

Is the POS system able to integrate with my existing software?

Do you have an existing accounting software or a website? Choosing a POS provider that works with your current setup will save you time and money.

How much does the software really cost?

POS systems can range in price from a few hundred dollars per month to tens of thousands of dollars for a custom solution. Please contact us for a complete price breakdown, which includes pricing models and ranges, unexpected costs to be aware of, and pricing for popular systems.