SQL B.I Dashboard

SQL Dashboard is a clean, compressive, no frills feature that shows you all the necessary data that you need to monitor the performance of your business. SQL Dashboard shows your daily, weekly, annual sales, prot, cash ow, and customer retention, sta performance by contribution sales %, customer collection data in one screen. The following data can be group by sales agents to monitor agents’ performance or group by item groups to see which items are the best-selling and making the most prot.

Cumulative & Detailed Breakdown of Sales

Use SQL Dashboard to get a summarized and detailed preview of all your sales data.

Review your daily business performance
by studying your daily levels of sales, prots, product group performance, number of quotation documents issued, converted, pending.

SQL Dashboard also shows you the comparison between this year vs last year by sales amount or by margin, top selling products, top sales customers analysis are all available.

This is proven useful for performance monitoring and achieving short term

Sales Analysis Reports

View annual sales trend with the help of SQL’s interactive bar graph. Identify the
peaks and dips in your sales during the
year and use that information to make
better decisions that can help boost the
sales of your business. The sales
comparison reports can also be used as
a benchmark to analyse your current
performance with the past.

Evaluate Staff's Performance

As a business owner, you want to evaluate your sta’s performance and reward your stas accordingly. Using this dashboard, sales are grouped by sales agents and stock item group. The data is then populated into a bar graph. You can use this information to decide how sta commission will distributed.

Monitor Company's Growth

The Dashboard shows you the number of new, old and existing customers. You can track your business growth with his dashboard. Dashboard also shows you the geographical breakdown of your customers location. Knowing where your customers are coming from can help you market your products in a way that is relevant with majority of your customers.


SQL Business Intelligence

RM 800

Introduction Video

How to setup SQL B.I Dashboard?