SQL Cloud Accounting Software

SQL Cloud is an online accounting software accessible anytime, increase productivity at anywhere. 100% database ownership, unlimited invoices, unlimited storage size.

The right accounting software is the success key to your business. Business owners have started to realize that managing finances manually would not help them achieve the expected results.

SQL Account is the best accounting software in Malaysia that suitable for every type of business industry. From a trading company, construction company, forwarding, service company, accountant, bookkeeping, holding company, manufacturing company & many more.

The importance of accounting software is accuracy & efficiency. SQL Cloud Accounting Software perfectly design all automate accounting entry, you may not be experts in accounting or accounting knowledge, but SQL cloud accounting software will be performing all the accounting transaction for you automatically & Accurately. This helps many businesses increase productivity at minimum cost and increase efficiency.

SQL cloud accounting software is the choice of many businesses, it significantly helps more than 250,000 companies improve the efficiency and growth of the company.

What are the benefits of using

SQL cloud accounting software?

Data Ownership

Can I Get Back My Database If I Terminate My Cloud Services?

Yes, you can have 100% database ownership of SQL Cloud Accounting Software if u decide to discontinue for an online subscription. You can 100% get back your full database to install back in any of your local computers and continue to use it without internet access.

Other online accounting software in the market will reject your database ownership after your subscription is discontinued. This is the most unique benefit of using SQL Cloud Accounting Software.

Comprehensive Features With Unlimited Processing Power

1 Time Payment For Private Cloud Or Monthly Subscription For Public Cloud

Access It Anytime, Anywhere

Receive Quality Localized Support & Onsite Training


What is a cloud-based payroll system?

A cloud-based payroll system is a massive support for employers, especially the payroll department, which is still functioning remotely. It enables workers to work from any location and access the same information as at their office. All while assuring secure payroll transactions and data management through fine-grained security mechanisms that prevent data breaches or unauthorized access.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based payroll system?

- Automatic updates and no backups are required Automatic adjustments are made promptly using a cloud-based payroll system. This program will automatically update the information for each employee to use. This ensures your payroll operations are up to date and compliant. In addition, backups are no longer required if the system is cloud-based.
- Protection of the Data Data saved in the cloud has always been safer since it is in a secure encrypted format. Cloud-based payroll systems provide more security. Natural calamities, fires, and large computer breakdowns are readily addressed challenges.
- Accounting & Accessibility A cloud-based payroll system allows for greater flexibility and control over user access. It effortlessly generates user settings to guarantee that only important employees and corporate data are accessible. In addition, it gives personalized access to organizational data that is typically organized and organized. Improved user interface with simple navigation, elimination of manual computations, error reduction, financial data management, and redundancy.

What is the primary application of thermal paper?

Thermal paper is widely utilized as the most delicate point of sale solution, assisting businesses in running sales operations smoothly. We are also a leading receipt paper rolls supplier. We supply high-quality thermal paper rolls, which are frequently used in cash registers, kiosks, credit card terminals, medical transactions, self check out, pay-at-the-pump, and mobile printers.

How will the cloud-based payroll system impact employee experience?

The cloud-based payroll system can guarantee employees are paid correctly, on time, and via the payment method of their choice. Employees who get paid on time feel more financially secure at work. They may also maintain the accuracy of information by reviewing payment records and amending individual information and payment preferences using user-friendly tools. In addition, employees may obtain rapid responses to issues using the software's platform, decreasing the time answering their concerns.

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